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Product-led growth
Director of Product, Growth
Tanya Aulachynskaya
The anatomy of pricing: how to make pricing optimization a continuous process in a B2B SAAS
Head of Growth Engineering
Ludo Antonov
VP, Marketing
Product is the new landing page: rethinking onboarding to increase activation and revenue
Eric Keating
How to implement Product-Led Growth strategies in 2-sided marketplace
Tatyana Mamut
How to know when you are ready for product-led growth
SVP, New Products
Tarek Reslan
Growth Hacking Power Session
Lead Growth & Marketing Trainer & Coach
Fireside chat "How to approach product career management"
ex General Manager at Shopify, founder amidira.com
Sylvia Ng
VP of Growth
Thibault Imbert
3 experiments guaranteed to drive incremental revenue
Niels Zee
creator of The Career Growth Newsletter
Anna Buldakova
How to develop a value-based hierarchy of metrics
Product Manager
Alexandra Lung
Head of Design
Jessica Gantier
Webinar "How to leverage product led growth by running lean experiments"
Product & Growth
Matt Bilotti
SVP Marketing
Fireside chat "Hitting growth ceiling"
Kieran Flanagan
Growth strategies & tactics
Customer Success Manager
Corinne Goldberg
Customer Success Manager
Scaling Customer Success to Power Growth: challenges and opportunities
Dan Pino
Fireside chat "Content as a growth driver: how to stand out when everybody is creating tons of content"
Chief of Staff and Senior Director of Strategy & Corporate Development
Òscar Carbonell Dolz
How to define your GTM based on your Product-Market fit
How to 2x Pipeline Generation -
A transition from Lead to Account Based Marketing at Backbase
Patrick Layer
Head of Growth at Backbase, Founder of Layer & Company
Going Upmarket for Product-Led Growth Companies
Jeff Hardison
Head of product marketing and brand & content teams
Director of Growth Marketing at Whereby
Ignacio Gallegos
VP of Content and Community
Mark Kilens
Retention & Engagement
Head of Marketing
How to TRIPLE activation rate with this "user friction" framework?
Kirsty Finlayson
Sr. Product manager
Activation of complex B2B product: overcoming challenges
Anna Lopatuhina
Product Manager
2 Main tools to develop user understanding
Kinga Asbóth
Founder and CEO
Advanced Activation & Retention Strategies
Craig Zingerline
Product analytics & growth metrics
Principal Data Scientist
How to predict transactions in online marketplaces
Alexey Grigorev
Product owner Director of Product, Growth
Andrew Mende
Product feedback loop:
How to experiment with algorithms to change user behaviour
Head of Data Science
ML Models for Delivery Services: Challenges and Solutions for a three-Way Marketplace
Maxim Khalilov
Co-founder at June
How N26 doubled the sign up conversion rate
Enzo Avigo
Gaston Rendelstein
Return on experience & deep linking: Three practical use cases
Head of Marketing - OneLink
Elan Freedberg
Product Marketing Manager
More speakers to be announced
Growth teams & experimentation
Growth marketer
Building bridges between Growth and Sales teams
Polina Zakharova-Shchukina
Head of Technology
Dmitry Kushnikov
Individual Contribution and Team Responsibility: myths and reality
Growth Product Lead at Miro
How to scale product teams in a hypergrowth environment?
Eugene Segal
former Head of Customer Success at Notion, Chief Revenue Officer
How to build Sales & CS teams from the ground up in PLG SaaS start-ups
David Apple
Alexandra Lung
Head of Design
Webinar "How to leverage product led growth by running lean experiments"
Jessica Gantier
Dir. of Product Management
A Freemium Strategy that Worked for Pendo
Jon Pappas
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