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Choose the right metrics for your product management strategy
Lena Seregina

Management consultant on product analytics
Founder of Prometricspy
May 31, 15:45 - 17:30
Have you ever wondered what type of product leaders you belong to?
Even if you are not a product manager.
We all have thinking patterns and a set of values that accurately define your actual or future type of product leadership. And the truth is that there's no one right way. But if you are blind about your type of management and the possible strategy for it, you will get lots of challenges.
On May 31st, Lena Seregina will show you the meaning of the data and its taste, as well as a bit of mess in the analytics.
To realise what type of product strategy fits you the most
To raise your awareness in the field of product management
What you’ll learn:
Founders and CEOs
Product analysts
Product managers and CPOs
Who should attend:
The key could be the data analysis.
To take your mind away from the meaningless hypotheses testing to a strategy that help you become a unicorn product leader
FoodPark by Downtown
Isakov 11, 0002, Yerevan
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It will take 1,5 hours.
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