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PLG Flywheel: how to implement loops system for your product growth
Asti Pili
Head of Growth, Krisp
May 31, 13:30 - 15:15
How does your company grow?
Once companies outgrow the 20-employee mark it's getting harder to answer that question. Departments start working in silos with no alignment and no vision of how metrics are enabling or disabling other teams and how the overall company grows.
The fastest-growing companies aren’t built on funnels
but on a system of compounding loops where generated output is reinvested back into the loop as input causing more and more output. The system of identified compounding loops fastens your growth model and helps align and identify problems and business strategy.
On May 31, Asti Pili will share how to implement and develop your product growth via PLG flywheel.
How to significantly increase acquisition metrics through the loops system
How to build up the habit loops of environmental and manufactured triggers
To see the difference between Loops and Funnels
What you’ll learn:
Who should attend:
Product designers
Acquisition marketers
Data Analysts
Growth and Core Product managers
Founders and CEOs
FoodPark by Downtown
Isakov 11, 0002, Yerevan
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It will take 1,5 hours.
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