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How to design the first session and user onboarding that rocks. Design from the end
Ilya Krasinsky
CEO, Product Heroes
May 31, 11:00 - 12:45
Teams underestimate the importance of the first session design,
as well as activation metrics — the percentage of users who understand the product benefits and the way to get them. Planning, tight deadlines, focusing on their own business goals – all these things are disregarding activation metrics.
Ironically, without activation, features are just a mess of a code: 90% of users don’t know anything about these features and don’t understand the benefits of using them.
There are some bias that could distract from the crucial targets
Confirmation bias
Survivorship bias
We tend to defend our statements. Usually the onboarding design reflects the active users’ needs but what about the new ones? What are their patterns?
We tend to focus on the insights we gained from the collected data. But what if we missed something important? These false conclusions lead to poor analytics so we still don’t go deeply into the users’ jobs.
On May 31st Ilya Krasinsky will take the stage on the Workshop day and share how to get rid of these bias and design user onboarding that rocks!
How to make joint efforts with the other teams to reach X2 in activation metrics
How to deeply understand users’ jobs
How to broaden your product vision
What you’ll learn:
CEOs and founders
Product analysts
Product designers
Product managers
Who should attend:
FoodPark by Downtown
Isakov 11, 0002, Yerevan
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It will take 1,5 hours.
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