Day 1. Product Strategy
• Product growth strategies for B2B SaaS
• B2C product growth strategies
• Product-led growth
• Sales-led growth and Customer success–led growth
• Community-led Growth/B2B Community hacks
Day 2. AARRR Funnel
• Customer User Acquisition and Lead Nurturing
• Activation & User Onboarding
• User Retention & Engagement
• Pricing Strategies & Monetization Models
• Growth Loops & Product Virality
Day 3. Growth & Experiments
• Growth Strategies for Subscription Apps
• Mobile Growth
• Generating Growth Hypotheses and Running Experiements
• A/B Testing
• Product metrics and NSM
Day 4. Product Design
• UX Research
• Interface & Interaction Design
• UX Copy
• Design for Equity and Inclusivity
• Product Design Hacks B2C
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Partho Ghosh, Sr. Director of Product, Growth, Hootsuite
Transforming Sales-Led orgs into PLG
4:40—5:00 PM
Jorge L Soto, Director of Partnerships & Community, Reprise
How does PLG support your direct sales strategy
5:00—5:20 PM
Ekaterina Shpadareva, Growth and Marketing Lead, Getmimo
Sustainable growth tactics for subscription apps
4:00—4:20 PM
Ferdinand Goetzen, Co-founder & CEO, Reveall
How to make your product decisions customer-led and build the ultimate product experience
4:20—4:40 PM
Jason Hunt, Co-Founder, Merged Media
The Ice Breaker Strategy. Create Bulletproof Lead Magnets Your Prospects Can't Ignore
3:00—3:20 PM
Vincenzo Belpiede, CEO and Co-Founder, ShareDocView
How to make your product decisions customer-led and build the ultimate product experience
4:40—5:00 PM
Alexander Ammer, Senior Manager, Simon-Kucher & Partner
Finding the right packaging approach to maximize ARPUs and increase ARRs
4:20—4:40 PM
Angelina Gerusova, Product Manager, AMMA Pregnancy Tracker
User onboarding as a first step in transforming your business model
4:00—4:20 PM
Liza Ivakhnenko, Product Manager, Osome
How to build great first-time experience in products for entrepreneurs
3:40—4:00 PM
Dmitry Orlov, Head of Product Growth, Wrike
How we increased activaiton in Wrike by 50%
3:20—3:40 PM
Nikita Maidanov, CPO Welps, Adapty
Over the trial: lesser-known tools and tips about in-app subscriptions
5:00—5:20 PM
Vicky Kharlamova, Growth Product Manager, Miro
How we run growth experiments in Miro
3:00—3:20 PM
Arpit Choudhury, Founder, astorik
Customer Data Activation for B2B SaaS:
How to get it right
4:40—5:00 PM
Craig Zingerline, founder, LAUNCH Growth University
Generating Growth Hypotheses and Running Experiments
4:20—4:40 PM
Derren de Jong, Managing Director, Kinescope
Video funnel as a modern growth tool
4:00—4:20 PM
Nadia Nazarova, Product Director, SplitMetrics
How to Do A/B Testing: 7 Steps for the Perfect Experiment
3:40—4:00 PM
Igor Demishev, Co-founder, CPO, Jiffy Grocery
Growth cycles: how to grow your startup without over-burning

3:20—3:40 PM
Kseniya Strelnikova, Senior Product Manager, PandaDoc
Being antifragile in the time of change
3:20—3:40 PM
Nikolay Grishin, CPO, Albato
Checklist: How to launch a product in Brasil
3:40—4:00 PM
Jane Smorodnikova, Со–Founder, Welltory
How we created a new-category product using our mission as a practical strategy tool
3:00—3:20 PM
Jen Bryan, Chief Marketing Officer, Growth University
Workshop: Getting Started With Paid Acquisition
2:00—3:00 PM
Alexandra Lung, CPO, Uptime
Romina Product Designer, SMG Swiss Marketplace Group
How cognitive biases butcher our research
5:00—5:20 PM
Farkhod Saydullayev, Lead Product Designer, Safenetpay
Product Design in fintech: challenges and solutions
4:40—5:00 PM
Konstantin Kapustin, Jury, Motion Design Awards
Creating interactive 3D elements on a landing page
2:00—3:00 PM
Maria Boroukhina, Product Manager, Joom
Sasha Koscheeva, Senior Researcher, Joom
Redesign of a major part of the app
4:20—4:40 PM
Sona Tovmasyan, Sr. Product Designer, Adobe
Validate and Measure the Value of Your Design
4:00—4:20 PM
Nastassja Popova, Consult and Customer Experience Expert
Content design for user-centric approach
3:40—4:00 PM
Kate Syuma, Product Design Lead, Growth, Miro
Designing in Growth for hyper-growth
3:20—3:40 PM
Ivan Vasilev, ex-Director of digital product design, Scentbird
Scientific Hiring
3:00—3:20 PM
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Day 1. Talent acquisition & hiring
• Hiring Growth Professionals
• Remote Hiring
• Hiring Tech Product Managers
• Building successful international career
Day 2. Teams&Processes
• Growth Teams
• Managing Product Teams
• Collaboration Techniques and Team Performance (remote)
• Growth mindset & skill set
Day 3. Product culture & leadership
• Product Vision
• Managing Creative Teams
• Being a Product Leader in 2022-2025
• Product Strategy
• Product Culture
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