4 PM CET | 28th of January
On-demand sessions
When everyone is so invested in content creation and distribution,
it seems like an obvious thing to do. However, what’s not so obvious is how you can actually leverage it and turn it into your product's success.
You think that your content strategy doesn’t work
You don’t see any viable results of content marketing
Why you should watch this session:
You have no idea about where and how to start
You want to challenge your mind
You'll learn:
How Prezi used content to reposition itself in a competitive market
How to create an effective "network effect" among thought leaders
How to generate impactful brand awareness without a large ad budget
Content strategy that scales
Delivering pre-product value with content
What is "pre-product value" and how do you create it
How to think beyond the blog post
Real-world examples, including an Appcues case study
You'll learn:
How Userpilot went from 4 to 40 blog articles per month
How Userpilot manages to publish 40 blog posts per month
How to create a scalable content operations workflow
What are the Content Epics, and why do you need them
How to organize your content
You’ll learn:
Content as a product
Why you need to build your content as a product
How to build your customer-facing and sales-enablement content
How to create thought-leadership and data-driven content
How to manage distribution before the creation
You'll learn:
The Difference in Content Marketing for Mature SaaS vs. Start-up
How to launch a blog without a team
How to bridge your business goals and audience expectations
How to focus, prioritize and ballance content plan in a startup
You'll learn:
Product-Led Storytelling: How Content Drives B2B Growth
Meetup program
You'll learn:
3 reasons why most B2B content doesn't drive pipeline
How to rethink your content strategy in a PLG era
How to attract and filter your ICPs with each content piece
How to compel and convert customers directly from content
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