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25–29 July

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  • Patrick Layer
    Former Head of Growth at Backbase
    HeyGrowth does a fantastic job in connecting the growth communities in Europe. I'll enjoy sharing my insights at HeyGrowth Conference and the interactions with the curious members.
  • Polina Oparina
    Former Senior PM at Wrike
    To be honest, I didn't expect to like it that much. Seems like the Internet is full of free content, why pay for one more subscription? But HeyGrowth
    pleasantly surprised me with the content level. In addition to speeches, I sometimes got into entire 2-hour workshops. Most of the presentations were very dynamic and very fruitful. The overall impression is very good.
  • Anton Frolov
    Founder at
    HeyGrowth is my favorite place with content about product growth. They compete successfully in my schedule with Netflix before bedtime. It's very cool that the guys don't stop and develop not only the content but also the community. Looking forward to the cool new formats!
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