7 Sins of Growth Marketing
Ferdinand Goetzen
Growth Advisor, ex CMO at 3D Hubs and Recrutee
Marketing, as an integral part of a business, has many things that can go wrong. Oftentimes experienced marketing leaders might fall into the trap of making the same mistakes again and again without actually realizing that. What are the key pitfalls that your marketing team should avoid? Watch the webinar to learn more about Growth Marketing!
What will you learn?
What is the right marketing mindset to succeed?
What are the most important skills in growth marketing?
How to build a team and develop a strategy for long-term growth?
How to stop wasting your budget and start scaling it?
Why knowing your Personas isn't enough?
What are the key pitfalls marketers should avoid?

Вased in Amsterdam, Ferdinand is a marketing & growth advisor helping B2B tech companies develop and implement strategies for growth.

He is the former director of marketing & growth at 3D Hubs, an online manufacturing marketplace that he helped lead to a $330m acquisition in 2021. He was previously the CMO at Recruitee, one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in Europe and before that, the lead trainer & growth marketer at the Growth Tribe Academy.

Ferdinand Goetzen

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